Architecture & Application Framework

Damson River Technology’s PlumAI architecture provides a high-level set of functionalities and interfaces to ensure that applications can grow and scale with a business-first approach. PlumAI is our application framework that makes assembling an AI-powered application easy.

Plum-AI Components

Machine Learning Tools

The core of any AI-powered application is in the development and deployment of machine learning models. PlumAI integrates with popular ML toolkits and supports a range of functions including:

  • Dataset Management
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Model Building
  • Model Deployment

Orchestration Independence & Scaling

PlumAI is designed to be independent of the orchestration environment. You can choose to deploy with Kubernetes, Docker Compose, discrete servers, or even as an embedded software stack within an application. This allows your application to grow with your business and prevents lock-in with cloud environments. Because of this independence, PlumAI applications can scale from embedded systems and desktop applications, all the way to large scale distributed cloud services.

Built-in Performance Monitoring

Of course it is critical to know how your application is performing. But product owners need to be able to measure performance independently from their hosting providers and deployment environments so that they can make informed business choices about future deployment directions. Our monitoring tools are built into the application itself and don’t rely on external monitoring and reporting, so you always have an accurate picture of how your services are performing.


PlumAI includes built-in visualisation tools for critical aspects of the AI-powered application development life cycle, including:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Model Performance & Selection
  • Model Decay Monitoring
  • Application Performance Monitoring

Additionally, we provide an API to interface with third party visualisation tools.


PlumAI provides multiple ways to access your data and deliver a service to your users. These include:

  • Mobile Apps, including IOS and Android
  • Single Page Applications using the web and javascript frameworks
  • Served Pages rendered server-side for simple web access
  • Direct API access for custom desktop applications.

Sensor Networks

Responding in real time to changes in the physical world is a cornerstone of many applications, especially in manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture. PlumAI supports the integration of large scale distributed sensor networks to gather and manage the data that drives your AI-powered application. Features include:

  • Remote sensor performance monitoring
  • Data collection, management, and retention
  • Data pruning and cleaning
  • Integration with machine learning models

Application Servers

At Damson River Technologies we recognise that while machine learning models are powerful, they aren’t an end unto themselves. Rather, artificial intelligence is almost always just one component of a larger application delivering a business-critical service. PlumAI includes business application server and database support to power your entire application, not just the machine learning models.


Authentication & Authorisation

PlumAI supports flexible authentication that integrates with enterprise identity management tools, but can also manage custom user and service accounts. Role-based authorisation ensures that resources are protected securely and flexibly.

Regulatory Compliance

In today’s environment security and conformance with regulatory schemes is of paramount business importance. PlumAI is designed with this in mind to address requirements related to:

  • Privacy and data governance
  • Protection of health-related information
  • Security of financial transactions