We Make AI‑Powered Applications Easy

Data science and machine learning are powerful tools, but business requires them to be connected to applications and delivered to users as full scale services. We make that happen.




Damson River Technology’s architecture provides a high-level set of functionalities and interfaces to ensure that applications can grow and scale with a business-first approach. PlumAI is our application framework that makes assembling an AI-powered application easy. PlumAI features:

  • Machine Learning Tools
  • Orchestration Independence & Scaling
  • Built-in Performance Monitoring
  • Visualisation
  • Apps
  • Sensor Networks
  • Application Servers
  • Authentication & Authorisation
  • Regulatory Compliance


Not Just AI, But Applications

Machine learning models offer exceptional power, but businesses need to offer fully-developed services to customers. Damson River Technologies recognises this and provides a full application framework around our AI technology.

Agile Architecture

Build applications using Agile processes, but do so in a context that allows multiple teams to operate in parallel and ensures scaling, compatibility, and changes in staffing patterns as your business develops.

Platform Independence

Your technology choices should not hinder your ability to migrate your platform as your business needs evolve. Whether you are offering apps, embedded systems, or cloud services, you can grow your AI-powered service with Damson River’s PlumAI application framework.

Application Spaces

Our machine learning tools support applications in business analytics, computer vision, digital media, healthcare, and more.